Why Did James Worthy Wear Goggles

Why Did James Worthy Wear Goggles?

James Worthy, a former professional basketball player, is renowned for his outstanding career with the Los Angeles Lakers. An integral part of the “Showtime” Lakers during the 1980s, Worthy’s success on the court often overshadowed a unique aspect of his appearance – his signature goggles. This article aims to shed light on why James Worthy wore goggles and provide answers to some common questions about his eyewear.

The primary reason why James Worthy wore goggles was to protect his eyes from further injury. Worthy suffered a severe eye injury during his college career at the University of North Carolina. In a game against the University of Maryland in 1982, Worthy accidentally caught an elbow to the eye, resulting in a corneal abrasion and temporary vision loss. The incident made him realize the importance of eye protection, leading him to wear goggles throughout his professional career.

Here are some common questions and answers about James Worthy’s goggles:

1. Did James Worthy wear goggles for fashion?
No, Worthy wore goggles solely for protection, not as a fashion statement.

2. Did Worthy wear the goggles his entire career?
Worthy started wearing goggles after his eye injury in college and continued to wear them throughout his professional career.

3. Did other players wear goggles during that era?
Although other players wore goggles, Worthy’s goggles became iconic due to his success and popularity.

4. Did the goggles affect Worthy’s performance?
Some argue that the goggles hindered his peripheral vision, but Worthy’s exceptional skills and achievements on the court prove otherwise.

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5. Did the goggles become a trademark for Worthy?
Yes, the goggles became synonymous with Worthy’s image, and he was easily recognizable due to them.

6. Did Worthy ever try contact lenses?
Yes, Worthy did attempt to wear contact lenses but found them uncomfortable and opted for goggles instead.

7. Did Worthy wear prescription goggles?
Yes, Worthy’s goggles were prescription lenses tailored to his visual needs.

8. Are there any other NBA players who wore goggles?
NBA players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Horace Grant also wore goggles during their careers.

9. Did Worthy inspire other athletes to wear goggles?
Worthy’s successful career and the visibility of his goggles likely inspired other athletes to consider eye protection in their respective sports.

10. Did Worthy’s goggles become popular merchandise?
Yes, the popularity of Worthy’s goggles led to their production as merchandise, allowing fans to emulate his distinctive look.

11. Did Worthy continue to wear goggles after retirement?
No, Worthy stopped wearing goggles after his retirement from professional basketball.

James Worthy’s decision to wear goggles was a pragmatic one, driven by his desire to protect his eyes from further harm. While they became an iconic part of his image, the goggles symbolize his dedication to the sport and his commitment to safety.