Where Is the Biggest Pool in the World

Where Is the Biggest Pool in the World?

If you are a fan of swimming or simply love to relax by the poolside, then you might be interested in knowing where the biggest pool in the world is located. This extraordinary pool is not your average swimming pool; it is a vast man-made lagoon that stretches for over a kilometer. So, let’s dive into the details and discover where this magnificent pool can be found.

The biggest pool in the world is located in San Alfonso del Mar, a resort in Algarrobo, Chile. This stunning pool was completed in 2006 and holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest pool by area. It covers an astonishing 19.77 acres and has a length of about 1,013 meters (3,324 feet).

The pool is filled with seawater that is pumped and filtered directly from the nearby Pacific Ocean. It holds a staggering 250 million liters of water, making it deeper than 30 meters (98 feet) at its deepest point. The pool’s unique design allows visitors to swim, kayak, and even sail in the crystal-clear waters while enjoying panoramic views of the ocean.

Now, let’s address some common questions about the biggest pool in the world:

1. How much did it cost to build the pool?
The construction cost of the pool was estimated to be around $1.5 billion.

2. How often is the pool water replaced?
The pool water is filtered and treated regularly, but it is not replaced entirely. The seawater is recycled to maintain sustainability.

3. Can anyone swim in the pool?
Yes, the pool is accessible to guests staying at the resort. However, non-guests can also visit the pool by purchasing a day pass.

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4. Are there any restrictions on pool activities?
Certain activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, are not allowed in the pool. However, swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding are popular activities.

5. Are there lifeguards present at the pool?
Yes, the pool is equipped with trained lifeguards who ensure the safety of the visitors.

6. Are there any other amenities available near the pool?
The pool is surrounded by various amenities, including restaurants, bars, and shops, providing a complete vacation experience.

7. Is the pool open year-round?
Yes, the pool is open throughout the year, allowing visitors to enjoy swimming even during winter months.

8. How crowded does the pool get?
The pool is quite large, so even during peak seasons, it rarely feels crowded. However, it is advisable to visit during weekdays for a more relaxed experience.

9. Can you see marine life in the pool?
As the pool is filled with seawater, it is not uncommon to spot some marine life, including small fish and even jellyfish. However, efforts are made to keep the pool as clean and free from wildlife as possible.

So, if you ever find yourself in Chile, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the biggest pool in the world. Swim, relax, and enjoy the unparalleled experience of being surrounded by miles of sparkling blue water.