What Wetsuit for 60 Degree Water

What Wetsuit for 60 Degree Water?

When it comes to water temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, wearing a wetsuit becomes crucial to stay comfortable and protected during water activities. A wetsuit serves as insulation, trapping a thin layer of water between your body and the suit, which then gets warmed up by your body heat. This creates a thermal barrier, keeping you warm in cold water. But what kind of wetsuit should you choose for 60-degree water? Let’s dive into some options and answer common questions.

Wetsuit Thickness:
In 60-degree water, a wetsuit with a thickness of 3/2mm is generally recommended. The thickness refers to the neoprene material’s thickness used in making the wetsuit. The 3mm neoprene is for the torso and upper body, while the 2mm is for the arms and legs. This combination provides enough insulation to keep your core warm while allowing flexibility in your limbs.

Material and Design:
Look for wetsuits made of high-quality neoprene with glued and blind-stitched seams. This ensures durability and prevents water from seeping in. Additionally, consider a wetsuit with a back zipper for easy entry and exit, and reinforced knee pads for added protection.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I wear a shorty wetsuit in 60-degree water?
It is not recommended, as a shorty wetsuit does not provide enough insulation for prolonged exposure to cold water.

2. Should I choose a front or back zipper wetsuit?
Both options work well, but a back zipper wetsuit is generally easier to put on and take off.

3. Do I need any additional accessories with my wetsuit?
Depending on personal preference, you may want to consider booties, gloves, and a hood for added warmth.

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4. How tight should my wetsuit be?
A wetsuit should fit snugly but not restrict your movement or breathing. It is important to try different sizes and brands to find the right fit for you.

5. How do I care for my wetsuit?
Rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after each use and hang it to dry away from direct sunlight. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach.

6. Can I wear a wetsuit for other water activities besides surfing?
Absolutely! Wetsuits are suitable for activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling in cold water.

7. How long can I stay in 60-degree water with a wetsuit?
A well-fitting 3/2mm wetsuit can keep you comfortable for several hours in 60-degree water.

8. Can I wear a wetsuit in warmer water?
Wetsuits are primarily designed for colder water temperatures. In warmer water, a rash guard or board shorts might be more appropriate.

9. Can I wear a wetsuit if I am not a strong swimmer?
Yes, a wetsuit can provide added buoyancy, making it easier to float and swim.

10. Should I buy or rent a wetsuit?
If you plan to engage in water activities regularly, it is recommended to invest in your own wetsuit for a better fit and hygiene.

11. Are there different wetsuit options for men and women?
Yes, wetsuits are designed to accommodate different body shapes and sizes for both men and women.

Remember, wearing the right wetsuit for 60-degree water ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the water, allowing you to focus on your favorite activities while staying warm and protected.