What Should You Wear Under a Wetsuit

What Should You Wear Under a Wetsuit?

When it comes to water activities like surfing, diving, or snorkeling, wearing the right gear is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. One such gear item is a wetsuit, which not only provides insulation in cold water but also protects the skin from the sun and potential abrasions. However, many people are unsure about what they should wear underneath a wetsuit. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice.

1. Do you need to wear anything under a wetsuit?
Yes, it is recommended to wear something underneath a wetsuit for hygienic reasons. It also helps prevent chafing and provides an extra layer of insulation.

2. What type of clothing should you wear?
Opt for clothing made of synthetic materials such as lycra or neoprene, as they are quick-drying and provide a comfortable fit. Avoid cotton as it retains moisture, making you feel cold.

3. Can you wear a swimsuit under a wetsuit?
Yes, a swimsuit is a common choice. However, make sure it is made of synthetic material to avoid discomfort caused by wet fabric against your skin.

4. Should you wear underwear under a wetsuit?
While it is not necessary, if you prefer extra protection or support, you can wear underwear made of synthetic material. Remember to choose a snug fit to avoid bunching or discomfort.

5. Can you wear a sports bra under a wetsuit?
Yes, a sports bra made of synthetic material can provide support and prevent chafing. Look for one with minimal seams to ensure a comfortable fit.

6. What about socks and gloves?
If you are wearing a full wetsuit, socks and gloves are not required. However, in colder water or for added protection, neoprene socks and gloves can be worn underneath.

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7. Are there any specific considerations for women?
Women may opt for a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit under their wetsuit. Some also prefer wearing a rash guard to protect against chafing and sunburn.

8. Should you wear sunscreen under a wetsuit?
It is not necessary to apply sunscreen underneath a wetsuit. The suit itself provides protection from the sun. However, remember to apply sunscreen to exposed skin.

9. Can you wear a wetsuit without anything underneath?
While it is possible to wear a wetsuit without anything underneath, it may cause discomfort and chafing.

10. Can you wear a wet wetsuit multiple times?
It is not recommended to wear a wet wetsuit multiple times without washing it. Rinsing it with freshwater and allowing it to dry properly between uses helps maintain its longevity.

11. How should you care for your wetsuit?
To prolong the life of your wetsuit, always rinse it with freshwater after use to remove salt and sand. Avoid hanging it in direct sunlight to prevent damage from UV rays. Additionally, store it flat or on a wide hanger to maintain its shape.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience when wearing a wetsuit. Remember to choose clothing made of synthetic materials, avoid cotton, and consider the water temperature when deciding on additional layers.