What Should I Wear Under a Wetsuit

What Should I Wear Under a Wetsuit?

When it comes to water sports such as surfing, diving, or snorkeling, wearing a wetsuit is essential to keep you warm and protected in the water. But have you ever wondered what you should wear underneath that wetsuit? Here are some considerations and common questions answered:

1. Should I wear anything under a wetsuit?
Yes, it’s recommended to wear something underneath your wetsuit for both comfort and hygiene reasons.

2. What type of underwear should I wear under a wetsuit?
Avoid wearing cotton underwear as it retains moisture, which can make you feel cold. Instead, opt for synthetic materials like polypropylene or nylon that wick away moisture and keep you warm.

3. Can I wear a swimsuit under a wetsuit?
Yes, many people choose to wear a swimsuit under their wetsuit for added comfort and convenience.

4. Should I wear a rash guard under a wetsuit?
Wearing a rash guard under your wetsuit offers additional protection and prevents chafing. It’s especially beneficial if you have sensitive skin.

5. Can I wear a sports bra under a wetsuit?
Yes, you can wear a sports bra under your wetsuit for added support. Make sure it’s made of a quick-drying material to prevent discomfort.

6. Should I wear socks under a wetsuit?
Wearing neoprene socks under your wetsuit can provide extra insulation and prevent blisters. However, make sure they fit snugly to avoid uncomfortable bunching.

7. Should I wear a hat under a wetsuit?
Wearing a neoprene beanie or hood under your wetsuit can keep your head warm in colder waters.

8. Should I wear gloves under a wetsuit?
If you’re surfing or diving in cold water, wearing neoprene gloves under your wetsuit can help keep your hands warm and protect them from abrasions.

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9. Can I wear jewelry under a wetsuit?
It’s best to remove any jewelry before putting on a wetsuit to prevent damage to both your accessories and the wetsuit material.

10. Should I wear sunscreen under a wetsuit?
Applying sunscreen to exposed areas of your skin before putting on a wetsuit is crucial to protect against harmful UV rays.

11. Should I wear makeup under a wetsuit?
It’s advisable to avoid wearing makeup under a wetsuit as it may smudge or cause skin irritation.

In conclusion, what you wear under a wetsuit depends on personal preference and the specific water sport you’re participating in. The primary considerations are to choose moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials to keep you comfortable and prevent chafing. Remember to prioritize your comfort, protection, and hygiene when selecting what to wear under your wetsuit.