What Happened to Sailing Doodles

What Happened to Sailing Doodles?

Sailing Doodles, a popular YouTube channel that documented the adventures of a couple sailing around the world with their dog, has garnered a considerable following over the years. However, the sudden disappearance of new content has left fans wondering, “What happened to Sailing Doodles?”

Sailing Doodles, created by Bobby White, featured his girlfriend Laura and their Australian Shepherd, Sailor, as they sailed across the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and beyond. The channel showcased their experiences, providing viewers with an insight into the challenges and rewards of a life at sea. However, the last video uploaded by Sailing Doodles was in July 2020, leaving fans eager for updates.

11 Common Questions and Answers:

1. Did Sailing Doodles stop making videos?
Yes, the channel has stopped uploading new content since July 2020.

2. What was the last video about?
The final video documented their return to the United States after sailing across the Mediterranean.

3. Did something happen to Bobby, Laura, or Sailor?
There is no information suggesting any harm or danger to Bobby, Laura, or Sailor.

4. Did they announce their departure?
No, there was no official announcement of their departure from YouTube or social media platforms.

5. Did they encounter any issues while sailing?
While they faced various challenges during their sailing adventures, there is no specific incident mentioned that led to their disappearance.

6. Did they start a new channel or switch platforms?
As of now, there is no evidence of a new channel or a switch to a different platform.

7. Are they still sailing?
It is unclear whether they are still sailing or have decided to pursue other endeavors.

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8. Did they mention any plans for future videos?
No, they did not disclose any plans for future videos before their disappearance.

9. Did they offer any reasons for their absence?
There has been no official statement explaining the reasons behind their sudden absence.

10. Are they active on other social media platforms?
Their social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook, have not been updated since their last YouTube video.

11. Is there any possibility of a comeback?
While it is difficult to say for certain, many fans remain hopeful that Sailing Doodles will return to share their sailing adventures once again.

In conclusion, the sudden disappearance of Sailing Doodles from YouTube has left fans in the dark about the couple’s whereabouts and their future plans. While there is no concrete information available, fans continue to hope for their return and eagerly await any updates from the beloved sailing channel.