What Does the Summoning Pool Do in Elden Ring

What Does the Summoning Pool Do in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, has been the talk of the gaming community since its announcement. With its vast open-world and deep lore, players are eagerly awaiting its release. One intriguing feature that has caught the attention of fans is the Summoning Pool. But what exactly does the Summoning Pool do in Elden Ring?

The Summoning Pool is a unique mechanic in Elden Ring that allows players to summon other players or NPCs to aid them in their journey. This feature is commonly referred to as co-op multiplayer. By using the Summoning Pool, players can call upon allies to assist them in defeating challenging enemies or bosses, making the game more accessible for those who may struggle with certain encounters.

Here are some common questions and answers regarding the Summoning Pool in Elden Ring:

1. How does the Summoning Pool work?
– Players can activate the Summoning Pool and select a specific ally to summon.
2. Can I summon other players or just NPCs?
– Both options are available. Players can summon either other players or NPCs.
3. How do I unlock more allies in the Summoning Pool?
– As players progress through the game and complete certain quests, they will unlock new allies to summon.
4. Are there any restrictions on summoning allies?
– Yes, there are some restrictions. Players may need to meet certain requirements, such as a specific level range or completing certain tasks, to summon certain allies.
5. Can I summon multiple allies at once?
– No, players can only summon one ally at a time.
6. Can summoned allies die?
– Yes, summoned allies can die in battle. If they fall, players will need to resummon them.
7. Can I communicate with summoned allies?
– There is no in-game voice chat, but players can use gestures and other communication options to communicate with summoned allies.
8. Can I summon allies in all areas of the game?
– There may be restrictions on summoning allies in certain areas or during specific encounters.
9. Can I summon allies during boss fights?
– Yes, summoning allies during boss fights can be particularly helpful in overcoming challenging encounters.
10. Can summoned allies earn experience or rewards?
– While summoned allies can assist in battles, they do not earn experience or rewards for the player.
11. Can I summon allies in New Game Plus?
– Yes, the Summoning Pool is available in New Game Plus, allowing players to continue summoning allies in subsequent playthroughs.

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The Summoning Pool in Elden Ring adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience, providing players with the option to seek assistance when needed. Whether it’s tackling tough enemies or facing formidable bosses, the ability to summon allies offers players a chance to strategize and overcome challenging obstacles. As players dive into the vast and mysterious world of Elden Ring, the Summoning Pool will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable tool in their journey.