What Do You Wear Under a Wetsuit Surfing

What Do You Wear Under a Wetsuit Surfing?

When it comes to surfing, wearing the right gear is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. One of the key components of surfing attire is the wetsuit. But what should you wear underneath it? Let’s explore some common options.

1. Do you need to wear anything under a wetsuit?
Yes, it is recommended to wear something underneath a wetsuit for hygiene purposes and added comfort.

2. Can you wear a bathing suit under a wetsuit?
Yes, wearing a bathing suit under a wetsuit is a common choice. Opt for a snug-fitting, quick-drying swimsuit.

3. What about wearing underwear?
While it is possible to wear underwear under a wetsuit, it is not recommended. Regular underwear may retain moisture and cause discomfort.

4. Can you wear board shorts under a wetsuit?
Board shorts can be worn under a wetsuit, but they may cause bunching and reduced mobility. Consider wearing a swimsuit instead.

5. Should you wear a rash guard under a wetsuit?
Wearing a rash guard under a wetsuit is a great idea. It provides an additional layer of protection against rashes and keeps your skin comfortable.

6. Can you wear a sports bra under a wetsuit?
Yes, you can wear a sports bra under a wetsuit. Look for one that offers both support and quick-drying capabilities.

7. Can you wear a wetsuit without anything underneath?
While it is possible to wear a wetsuit without anything underneath, it is not recommended. It may cause chafing, skin irritation, and discomfort.

8. What material should the undergarments be made of?
Choose undergarments made of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. These materials wick away moisture and dry quickly.

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9. Will wearing undergarments affect the wetsuit’s fit?
Wearing thin undergarments should not significantly affect the wetsuit’s fit. However, bulky or thick undergarments may make it feel tighter.

10. How many layers should you wear underneath a wetsuit?
Generally, one layer of undergarments is sufficient. Wearing multiple layers may restrict movement and affect comfort.

11. How should the undergarments fit?
Undergarments should fit snugly but not too tight. They should not cause any restriction or discomfort during movement.

In conclusion, what you wear under a wetsuit while surfing is a matter of personal preference. However, it is essential to prioritize comfort, mobility, and hygiene. Choose undergarments made of synthetic materials, such as a quick-drying swimsuit or rash guard, to enhance your overall surfing experience. Experiment with different options until you find what works best for you, ensuring that you can focus on riding those waves with ease.