What Do Synchronized Swimmers Put In Their Hair

What Do Synchronized Swimmers Put In Their Hair?

Synchronized swimming is a beautiful and graceful sport that requires precise movements and synchronized routines. Athletes spend countless hours training to perfect their skills, but one aspect of their performance often goes unnoticed – their hair! Synchronized swimmers have to deal with the challenge of keeping their hair in place while performing intricate routines in the water. So, what do synchronized swimmers put in their hair to ensure it stays intact? Let’s find out!

1. Gelatin: Many synchronized swimmers use gelatin to create a firm hold on their hair. This natural ingredient provides a strong grip without damaging the hair.

2. Hair gel: Hair gel is a popular choice among synchronized swimmers. It offers a strong hold and helps to prevent flyaways during performances.

3. Hairspray: Hairspray is another common product used by synchronized swimmers. It provides a strong hold and helps to keep the hair in place even when submerged in water.

4. Hair wax: Hair wax is often used to add texture and hold to the hair. It is particularly useful for creating intricate hairstyles and keeping them intact during performances.

5. Hair ties: Synchronized swimmers rely on secure hair ties to keep their hair in place. These are often made of strong elastic material that can withstand the water pressure.

6. Hair nets: Hair nets are commonly used by synchronized swimmers to keep their hair secure and prevent it from getting tangled during routines.

7. Bobby pins: Bobby pins are an essential accessory for synchronized swimmers. They are used to secure loose strands of hair and create intricate hairstyles.

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8. Waterproof hair elastics: Waterproof hair elastics are designed to withstand the water pressure and keep hair secure during performances.

9. Swim caps: Synchronized swimmers often wear swim caps to keep their hair protected and minimize drag in the water. These caps also help to keep the hair in place during routines.

10. Hair clips: Hair clips are used to hold the hair in place and prevent it from falling into the face during performances. They are particularly useful for swimmers with longer hair.

11. Hair extensions: Some synchronized swimmers use hair extensions to create more elaborate hairstyles. These extensions are often securely attached to the natural hair to withstand water pressure.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Will these products damage the hair?
Most of the products used by synchronized swimmers are designed to be water-resistant and do not cause significant damage to the hair if used correctly.

2. Can synchronized swimmers use regular hair products?
Regular hair products may not be suitable for synchronized swimming as they are not designed to withstand water pressure. Specialized products are recommended.

3. How often do synchronized swimmers have to redo their hair before a performance?
Synchronized swimmers typically redo their hair before every performance to ensure it looks neat and stays in place.

4. Do synchronized swimmers have any specific haircare routines?
Synchronized swimmers often follow a haircare routine that includes regular deep conditioning treatments and protecting their hair from the chlorine in the pool.

5. How long does it take synchronized swimmers to do their hair before a performance?
The time required to do hair varies depending on the complexity of the hairstyle. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more.

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6. Are there any specific hairstyles that synchronized swimmers prefer?
Synchronized swimmers often opt for updos or braided hairstyles as they tend to stay intact better during performances.

7. Can synchronized swimmers wear their hair down?
Wearing hair down is not recommended for synchronized swimmers as it can obstruct their vision and get tangled during routines.

8. Are there any specific products for colored hair?
There are specialized products available for colored hair that offer the same hold and protection as regular products.

9. Can synchronized swimmers use hair extensions in competitions?
Yes, hair extensions are allowed in synchronized swimming competitions as long as they are securely attached and do not come off during routines.

10. How do synchronized swimmers remove the product from their hair after performances?
Synchronized swimmers typically use shampoo and conditioner to remove the product from their hair after performances.

11. Do synchronized swimmers have any specific tips for maintaining healthy hair?
Synchronized swimmers recommend regular deep conditioning treatments, avoiding excessive heat styling, and protecting the hair from chlorine to maintain its health and integrity.

In conclusion, synchronized swimmers use a combination of products such as gelatin, hair gel, hairspray, hair ties, and accessories like bobby pins and hair clips to keep their hair in place during performances. While they prioritize hold and durability, they also take care to maintain the health of their hair through proper conditioning and protection.