How to Do an NFL Playoff Pool

How to Do an NFL Playoff Pool

The NFL playoffs are an exciting time for football fans, and one way to add even more excitement to the games is by participating in an NFL playoff pool. A playoff pool is a popular game where participants predict the winners of each playoff game and accumulate points based on correct predictions. If you’re interested in starting an NFL playoff pool with your friends or coworkers, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

1. Gather participants: First, gather a group of people who are interested in participating in the playoff pool. This can be friends, family, or coworkers.

2. Determine the entry fee and prize structure: Decide on an entry fee that everyone is comfortable with, and determine how the prize money will be distributed among the winners. Common prize structures include awarding a percentage of the total pool to the top three participants or giving all the money to the winner.

3. Create a scoring system: Establish a scoring system that assigns points for correct predictions. For example, you can give two points for each correct prediction in the Wild Card round, four points for the Divisional round, six points for the Conference Championships, and ten points for the Super Bowl.

4. Set deadlines: Determine the deadlines for submitting picks before each playoff round. It is important to be strict with these deadlines to maintain fairness.

5. Keep track of the results: Designate a person or use a website or app to keep track of the pool standings throughout the playoffs. This will ensure transparency and allow participants to stay updated on their progress.

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6. Enjoy the games: Sit back and enjoy the NFL playoff games, knowing that you have a stake in the outcome beyond just cheering for your favorite team.

Now, let’s address some common questions about NFL playoff pools:

1. Can I join multiple pools? Yes, you can join multiple pools with different groups of friends or coworkers.

2. Can I change my picks after submitting them? Typically, once picks are submitted, they cannot be changed. Make sure to double-check your selections before the deadline.

3. What happens if there’s a tiebreaker? In case of a tie, the pool organizer can decide on a tiebreaker rule, such as predicting the total points scored in the Super Bowl.

4. Can I participate if I don’t know much about football? Absolutely! NFL playoff pools are a fun way to engage with the games, regardless of your football knowledge.

5. Can I start a pool midway through the playoffs? While it’s best to start a pool before the playoffs begin, you can still create one for the remaining games.

6. Can I run a pool online? Yes, numerous websites and apps are available to help you manage your playoff pool online.

7. How are payouts usually made? Payouts are typically made after the Super Bowl. The organizer can distribute the winnings in person or through a digital payment method.

8. Can I participate if I live outside the United States? NFL playoff pools can be enjoyed by fans worldwide, regardless of their location.

9. Can we include prop bets in our pool? Yes, you can incorporate prop bets into your pool to make it more interesting and diverse.

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10. Is it legal to run an NFL playoff pool? As long as the pool is run privately among friends or coworkers and there is no profit made by the organizer, it is generally considered legal.

11. Can I participate in multiple pools and compare my results? Absolutely! Participating in multiple pools is a great way to compare your skills and strategies with different groups of people.

Now that you have the basics of running an NFL playoff pool, gather your friends and enjoy the thrilling games while competing for the ultimate bragging rights!