How Old Is Bobby White From Sailing Doodles

Bobby White, the charismatic face behind the popular YouTube channel “Sailing Doodles,” has gained quite a following with his entertaining sailing adventures and lovable canine companions. As fans of the channel continue to grow, many wonder about the man behind the camera and just how old Bobby White is.

Bobby White was born on July 12, 1982, making him currently 39 years old. Growing up in Alabama, Bobby’s love for sailing began at a young age, as he spent his childhood exploring the Gulf Coast and immersing himself in all things nautical. His passion for sailing only grew stronger with time, leading him to embark on various sailing journeys around the world.

Sailing Doodles, launched in 2017, showcases Bobby’s adventures aboard his sailboat, as he sails to different destinations, meets new people, and documents his experiences with his trusty canine crewmates, such as Jet and Sailor. The channel’s popularity stems from its unique blend of travel, sailing, and the genuine connection Bobby shares with his dogs.

Here are some common questions about Bobby White, along with their respective answers:

1. How did Bobby White get into sailing?
Bobby’s love for sailing developed during his childhood explorations along the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

2. What inspired Bobby to start Sailing Doodles?
Bobby wanted to document his sailing adventures and share his experiences with others who have a love for sailing and dogs.

3. How did Bobby meet his sailing crew?
Bobby often recruits his sailing crew through online platforms, allowing people with little to no sailing experience to join him on his voyages.

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4. How many dogs does Bobby have?
Bobby has had several dogs over the years, but his most famous canine companions are Jet and Sailor.

5. Does Bobby sail alone?
While Bobby often sails with crewmates, he has also sailed solo on many occasions.

6. What kind of boat does Bobby sail?
Bobby currently sails on a 2011 Leopard 46 catamaran named “Sailing Doodles.”

7. How often does Bobby upload videos?
Bobby typically uploads videos once or twice a week, depending on his sailing schedule and internet access.

8. Does Bobby have any plans for the future of Sailing Doodles?
Bobby aims to continue sailing to new destinations, meeting new people, and sharing his adventures through the channel.

9. Has Bobby ever encountered dangerous situations while sailing?
Yes, Bobby has faced challenging weather conditions and unexpected incidents while at sea, but his sailing expertise and experience have helped him navigate through such situations.

10. Does Bobby offer sailing courses or lessons?
Yes, Bobby occasionally offers sailing courses and lessons for those interested in learning how to sail.

11. How can fans support Bobby and Sailing Doodles?
Fans can support Bobby by subscribing to the Sailing Doodles YouTube channel, purchasing merchandise, or becoming a Patreon supporter.

Bobby White’s passion for sailing and his genuine personality have made him a beloved figure in the sailing community. With his dogs by his side, he continues to inspire and entertain his viewers through the incredible adventures showcased on Sailing Doodles.