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Get ready for Memorial Day with INDIGO Swim!
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Get ready for Memorial Day with INDIGO Swim!

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Hey INDIGO Babes!

This month's blog post is going to be a little refresher on all thing NEW + all the things coming up in the next few weeks for us!

FIRST of all, our NEW collection, The Floral Reef has officially LAUNCHED! You can checkout + shop all the newness HERE!

Next up:

M E M O R I A L  D A Y  S A L E!

So babes, THIS weekend, May 17th - 19th, we are offering 30% off both our NEW Floral Reef Collection, and our current Minimal Range Collection! 

You can get your 30% off with the code


We want all you INDIGO babes to be able to be rocking the hottest sustainable swim not only this Memorial Day weekend, but also for the entire Summer of 2019!

So don't forget to get ready for all the upcoming festivities with us!

Eco-Friendly Packaging Update. 

As you babes probably, already know, here at INDIGO we strive to be as Eco-Friendly and Sustainable as we possibly can. Our mission is 100% to save our oceans + planet one bikini at a time.  

A lot goes into running an eco business and it really does go down to all the finer details.  That being, the packaging that our bikinis get packaged in, the cards that you read when you receive a suit from us, the paper we print on, the string we carefully package your kini in. We really do everything we can to leave as small of an impact on our earth and oceans as we possible can.

Using biodegradable, recycled, or regenerated materials to run our company with, is just as importance to to us as the sustainably made bikinis that you babes wear and we passionately create.

Just to give you a little insight into the products that we're using to help run our business, here's a list.

  • Recycled cardboard boxes for all packages and shipping purposes.
  • 100% Recycled poly mailers.
  • Recycled paper for all packing "tissue" paper, Thank You cards, hang-tags, shipping labels, AND packing slips!
  • 100% eco-cotton drawstring bags and ribbon.
  • Recycled, and water activated biodegradable packing tape!
  • Seeded + Biodegradable cards that remind you to recycle! (These cuties grow wildflowers when you plant them!)

Lastly, of course all of our swimwear is made from a regenerated nylon made out of plastics pulled from our oceans all of the world! 

COMING SOON - World Oceans Day

June 8th is World Oceans Day and you already know we're doing a little something to celebrate it!

Thee first 10 babes to purchase from us on June 8th will receive a limited edition INDIGO Swimwear X World Oceans Day tote AND a 4Ocean Bracelet!

Every other purchase throughout the day will also receive a 4Ocean bracelet!

We're excited to work with you babes on World Oceans Day to spread awareness and make changes together!

We hope you babes appreciate all of these little details + information as much as we do, you!

We really thank you for visiting our blog post, and checking up on all the latest we have to share with you! 

If you want to stay up to date on all of the latest + greatest with INDIGO, make sure to also subscribe to our newsletter!  We send out weekly updates!

Until next time INDIGO Babes,